National Diabetes Education Program News & Notes
April 2011
Volume 7, Issue 4

This Spring, Help Patients Make a Plan to Manage Diabetes

During the second quarter of 2011 (April through June), NDEP is promoting the theme “Make a plan to manage your diabetes.” The goal is to increase awareness among people with diabetes about the seriousness of their disease, that complications can be prevented, and that managing diabetes can be easier when people set goals and make a plan. For e-newsletter blurbs, feature articles, posters, and other resources to help you promote this message and help people understand how to make a plan, see NDEP’s Managing Diabetes campaign webpage. Check out our podcasts, which feature people with diabetes talking about how they manage their diabetes. To help people set goals and make a plan, see the American Diabetes Association’s “A Guide to Changing Habits.”

Spring is also the beginning of vacation season. Travelling with diabetes may require some extra planning. For helpful tips on how to plan ahead for travel if you have diabetes, see NDEP’s feature article entitled, “Have Diabetes. Will Travel.”

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April is Minority Health Month & Foot Health Awareness Month

Minority Health Month
NDEP has a variety of resources to support diabetes awareness and education efforts tailored to minority populations, including American Indians and Alaska Natives, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, African Americans, and Hispanics/Latinos. We encourage partners to visit the NDEP Publications webpage, go to the “Find Publications for Me” box on the top center of the page, and select Ethnicity/Race and Language. Feel free to use these resources in your community!

Foot Health Awareness Month
NDEP asks partners to spread the message of the importance of taking care of your feet if you have diabetes. Check out NDEP’s Feet Can Last a Lifetime: A Health Care Provider’s Guide to Preventing Diabetes Foot Problems, and the patient booklets in English and Spanish Take Care of Your Feet for a Lifetime and Cuide sus pies durante toda su vida.

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Announcements from NDEP & Partners

Partners Shine in NDEP’s Partner Spotlight
NDEP’s Partner Spotlight webpage is updated regularly to feature the great work that our partners are doing to promote NDEP. In April, the Spotlight is on the following partners:

  • The Massachusetts Diabetes Education Program Partners with NDEP to Emphasize the Importance of PPOD Professionals in Diabetes Care
  • AADE Webinar Highlights NDEP’s School Guide

NDEP Diabetes Alert Day Activities: A Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Q&A and a National Institutes of Health Radio Interview
In observance of American Diabetes Association Alert Day(SM) on Tuesday, March 22, the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition (HMHB) posted a Q&A conducted with NDEP’s Judith Fradkin, M.D., director of the Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolic Diseases in the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, on the lasting impact of gestational diabetes on mothers and children. Within the Q&A, Dr. Fradkin addresses managing gestational diabetes and the necessary testing after delivery. Click here to view the Q&A.

Also, in support of Diabetes Alert Day, Griffin Rodgers, M.D., M.A.C.P., Director of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, was featured in an NIH Radio interview about the seriousness of diabetes and diabetes risk factors (with an emphasis on family history and history of gestational diabetes). Dr. Rodgers encouraged listeners to find out if they are at risk for type 2 diabetes by taking NDEP’s Diabetes Risk Test. To listen to the interview in its entirety, click here.

Reminder: New Road to Health Toolkit Implementation Webinar and Additional Introductory Webinars in Spanish Scheduled
Over the past few months, NDEP has received positive feedback about the Welcome to the Road to Health introductory webinars. We are now pleased to expand our offerings to include the Introductory Webinar in Spanish (next dates April 27 and May 17), as well as an Implementation Webinar in English that provides an overview of the Road to Health Training Guide and tips on planning and evaluation (next dates April 22, May 9, and May 31). New dates are always being added so check the website. To register for any of the Road to Health Webinars, please visit

CDC’s Diabetes and Pregnancy Webpage Explains How Diabetes Can Affect Pregnancy
The CDC’s Diabetes and Pregnancy webpage provides information for women with type 1, type 2, and a history of gestational diabetes. It is important for women with diabetes to receive proper health care before, during, and after a pregnancy to prevent negative health outcomes in the mother and child. For more information, click here.

CDC Releases New County Estimates of Physical Inactivity
The CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation and Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity has posted county-level estimates of physical inactivity to join those for diabetes and obesity on the Diabetes Data & Trends website. The estimates can be searched nationally or by state, and data are available on the percentage and number of physically inactive adults. Downloadable maps and data spreadsheets also are available on the website.

2011 CDC Division of Diabetes Translation Conference
The CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation will convene its 2011 Diabetes Translation Conference, “Changing the Course of Diabetes: Optimizing Health for All,” April 11-14 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. NDEP’s Frankie Awards will be presented at a ceremony on April 11. Learn more about the conference and the Frankies. Contact Norma Loner at if you have conference-related questions.

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Mark Your Calendars: NDEP Resources You Can Use

NDEP has many resources that you can share at health fairs, conferences, educational sessions, or as part of your organization’s educational and social media outreach efforts. Check out the NDEP 2011 Outreach and Promotion Plan: At-a-Glance for more resources.

In future issues of News & Notes, look for NDEP promotional tools that are available for you to customize and distribute. For example, use our printer-ready public service announcements to make diabetes posters for upcoming events, health fairs, or your office. Use our customizable campaign resources and toolkits to promote diabetes awareness in your community. Add your organization’s logo to NDEP’s feature articles, press releases, media advisories, and public service announcements.

Using social media? So are we! Don’t forget to follow NDEP on Twitter @NDEP, “like” our page on Facebook, and look for our videos on YouTube. Feel free to “re-tweet” and share NDEP posts with your social media friends! Don’t wait for your monthly issue of News & Notes to learn what’s new and exciting from NDEP. Click on the RSS icon on the NDEP homepage to subscribe!

By using our promotional tools, everybody wins. Your constituents receive important health information, your organization receives good publicity, and you help NDEP continue to be the nation’s No. 1 resource for free information and materials on diabetes control and prevention. News & Notes features resources that tie into quarterly promotions and can help us promote NDEP together.

If you have any questions about NDEP’s resources, promotions efforts, and how you might help promote NDEP, please contact Diane Tuncer at

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