National Diabetes Education Program News & Notes
June 2011
Volume 7, Issue 6

NDEP Has Resources for Staying Healthy During Summer Vacations

As the weather warms up and schools let out for summer, people will make plans for fun-filled vacations and food-filled barbeques. For people who are working to prevent or manage diabetes, it is important to keep up healthy habits—even during summer festivities.

Summer vacations mean travelling, and for people with diabetes, travelling requires extra planning. Help your constituents with diabetes plan a safe and healthy vacation this summer with NDEP’s article, Have Diabetes. Will Travel. Also, check out the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases’ Your Guide to Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: Taking Care of Your Diabetes at Special Times, which provides helpful tips on how to manage diabetes when away from home. For those working to prevent type 2 diabetes, share NDEP’s article, Preventing Type 2 Diabetes When You're On-the-Go, for ideas to fit physical activity and healthy eating into travel plans.

When it comes to summer barbeques and picnics, it can be even harder to keep eating habits in check. Share great tips on how to keep up healthy food choices and still enjoy all the foods that summer has to offer with NDEP’s article, Summer Eating Tips.

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National Men’s Health Week and Father’s Day

National Men’s Health Week (June 13-19) is celebrated each year the week leading up to and including Father’s Day (June 19). In observance of National Men’s Health Week, help NDEP spread the word about diabetes prevention and control in men. In the United States, there are an estimated 13 million men aged 20 or older with diagnosed or undiagnosed diabetes and many more who are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Men with diabetes and their families can face devastating complications from diabetes, especially since people with diabetes are at a high risk for heart attack and stroke. Check out NDEP resources to help the men in your community prevent or manage the disease. Encourage men in your community to manage their diabetes with NDEP’s article, ATTENTION MEN! Control Your Diabetes For Life… And For Your Family. Share the real-life examples of Haywood—a father of two working hard to manage his type 2 diabetes—and David—who shares his “rules of the game” when it comes to managing his type 1 diabetes. Listen as David and Haywood talk about their strategies for managing their diabetes. Promote their stories with the Family Health History: Haywood & Family, Managing Diabetes: David, and Managing Diabetes: Haywood posters.

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Announcements from NDEP & Partners

Save the Date! NDEP Partnership Network Meeting
This year’s NDEP Partnership Network meeting will address “Celebrating NDEP’s Success: Past, Present, and Future.” Make plans to join us October 2-3, 2011 in Atlanta for this exciting meeting that will engage, energize, and equip partners to collaborate with NDEP to address the growing diabetes epidemic in this ever-changing environment!

Partners Shine in NDEP’s Partner Spotlight
NDEP’s Partner Spotlight webpage is updated regularly to feature the great work that our partners are doing to promote NDEP. In May, the Spotlight is on the following partners:

  • The 2011 Frankie Award winners and honorable mentions, for their innovative use of NDEP materials and exemplary promotion and incorporation of NDEP messages into existing programs and activities.
  • The Alabama Department of Public Health, for partnering with NDEP in National Diabetes Awareness Month Campaigns.

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes in Your Community with an Affordable Care Act Grant!
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently announced the availability of more than $100 million in funding for up to 75 Community Transformation Grants. Created by the Affordable Care Act, these grants are aimed at helping communities implement projects proven to reduce chronic diseases, such as diabetes. By promoting healthy lifestyles and communities, especially among population groups experiencing the greatest burden of chronic disease, these grants will help improve health, reduce health disparities, and lower health care costs. State and local government agencies, tribes and territories, and state and local nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply. Applications are due to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in July 2011, with awards expected to be announced near the end of summer. For more information on the grants, or to apply, click here.

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Mark Your Calendars: NDEP Resources You Can Use

NDEP has many resources that you can share at health fairs, conferences, educational sessions, or as part of your organization’s educational and social media outreach efforts. Check out the NDEP 2011 Outreach and Promotional Plan: At-a-Glance for more resources.

In future issues of News & Notes, look for NDEP promotional tools that are available for you to customize and distribute. For example, use our printer-ready public service announcements to make diabetes posters for upcoming events, health fairs, or your office. Use our customizable campaign resources and toolkits to promote diabetes awareness in your community. Add your organization’s logo to NDEP’s feature articles, press releases, media advisories, and public service announcements.

Using social media? So are we! Don’t forget to follow NDEP on Twitter @NDEP, “like” our page on Facebook, and look for our videos on YouTube. Feel free to “re-tweet” and share NDEP posts with your social media friends! Don’t wait for your monthly issue of News & Notes to learn what’s new and exciting from NDEP. Click on the RSS icon on the NDEP homepage to subscribe!

By using our promotional tools, everybody wins. Your constituents receive important health information, your organization receives good publicity, and you help NDEP continue to be the nation’s No. 1 resource for free information and materials on diabetes control and prevention. News & Notes features resources that tie into quarterly promotions and can help us promote NDEP together.

If you have any questions about NDEP’s resources, promotions efforts, and how you might help promote NDEP, please contact Diane Tuncer at

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