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June 10-16 is National Men’s Health Week

National Men's Health Week (June 10-16) and Father’s Day (June 16) are opportunities to help men in your community make healthy changes to prevent type 2 diabetes or manage the disease. Encourage men to take control of their health by sharing real life stories of NDEP volunteers Haywood, David, and Sterling, and using NDEP’s 4 Steps to Manage Your Diabetes For Life brochure and the Get Real! You Don't Have to Knock Yourself Out to Prevent Diabetes tip sheet.

Plan Ahead to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Whether you are living with diabetes or are taking steps to lower your chances for getting type 2 diabetes, it’s important to plan ahead for travel. NDEP has tips and resources to help people plan for a healthy travel season.

Diabetes Care During Natural Disasters, Emergencies, and Hazards

Storm season is here. Learn how people with diabetes and their families can be prepared.

Exploring Diabetes HealthSense

NDEP’s Diabetes HealthSense online tool can help you find resources to support people in making changes to live well – whether they have diabetes or not. Resources included in Diabetes HealthSense – such as the Weight-control Information Network’s Getting on Track: Physical Activity and Healthy Eating for Men – can support your men’s health promotions this month.

Partners Shine in NDEP’s Partner Spotlight

NDEP’s June Partner Spotlight features the Alabama Diabetes Prevention and Control Program, for using NDEP resources to raise awareness of family health history as a risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

NDEP’s Diabetes and Older Adults Webinar Presentation Now Available

If you missed last month’s webinar entitled, “Addressing the Unique Needs of Older Adults with Diabetes,” you can view the presentation slides here.

On the Road with NDEP

See where NDEP will be presenting or exhibiting or download a presentation from a past event.