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Hispanic Heritage Month Begins September 15

Hispanic Heritage Month takes place September 15-October 15 and it'€™s important to remember that Hispanics and Latinos are disproportionately affected by diabetes. The NDEP has resources you can use in your outreach to this population to encourage healthy changes to prevent type 2 diabetes and diabetes-related complications.

September is National Cholesterol Education Month

NDEP'€™s diabetes and heart health resources (available in English and Spanish) provide information to help people with diabetes and health care professionals appreciate the link between diabetes and heart disease, and the importance of managing the ABCs of diabetes —€“ A1C, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and stopping smoking. Visit NDEP's September calendar for other NDEP resources to support other September health observances.

Use NDEP'€™s New Practice Transformation Resource for Physicians & Health Care Teams

The NDEP'€™s Practice Transformation resource is designed for health care professionals and administrators who want to change systems of health care delivery around diabetes. Interested in learning more about the benefits of team care and useful resources for effective team building? Check out the "€œPractice Team-Based Care" section.

Explore Diabetes HealthSense

NDEP'€™s Diabetes HealthSense online tool can help you find resources to support people in making changes to live well —€“ whether they have diabetes or not. Use resources, such as the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute'€™s Watch Your Weight!/¡Cuide su peso! bilingual Spanish/English booklet to help Hispanics and Latinos lower their risk of a heart attack by making healthy lifestyle changes. If you have a resource that might support this important behavior change resource, please share it with NDEP by completing this submission form.

National Diabetes Month 2013: Diabetes is a Family Affair

This November, the NDEP is proud to support National Diabetes Month by bringing attention to the impact that diabetes has on individuals, families, and communities. NDEP'€™s theme for National Diabetes Month is: Diabetes is a Family Affair. Learn more about NDEP resources available to support your National Diabetes Month outreach efforts at www.YourDiabetesInfo.org/DiabetesMonth2013.

Volunteers Needed for Diabetes Study

The National Institutes of Health is looking for volunteers to take part in a study to compare the long-term benefits and risks of four widely used diabetes drugs in combination with metformin, the most common first-line medication for treating type 2 diabetes. Learn more about the GRADE study.

Partners Shine in NDEP'€™s Partner Spotlight

NDEP'€™s September Partner Spotlight features the Kentucky Diabetes Network, for using NDEP promotional tools to create and implement outreach activities on their website.

NDEP Webinars Now Available

If you missed past webinars – "€œDiabetes in Schools: Putting the Pieces Together for Successful Prevention and Management," "Engaging Faith Communities in Diabetes Prevention and Control," and "€œCulturally-competent Health Provider Communication: Insights from Research with Chinese, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Island Diabetes Patients" –€“ you can view the presentation slides here. Click here to register for NDEP'€™s "The Art of Storytelling and Use of Culturally-Adapted Tools to Educate on Diabetes Prevention"€ webinar taking place on September 5, 2013, at 2 p.m. ET.

Additional Webinar Opportunities

Pam Allweiss, MD, MPH, will be presenting two webinars with the American Association of Diabetes Educators: "€œAdult Immunizations and Diabetes: What You Need to Know"€ on September 4, 2013, and "€œDiabetes Care and Emergency Preparedness"€ on September 11, 2013.

On the Road with NDEP

See where NDEP will be presenting or exhibiting or download a presentation from a past event.