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Additional Resources

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WIN - Weight-control Information Network WIN - Weight-control Information Network

Teens can use this resources to learn how to incorporate healthy eating and exercise in to their schedules.

President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

Get ideas about physical activities you might try and find out how to start a physical activity program in your community.

Walkability Checklist Walkability Checklist

Use this checklist to determine good places to walk in your area.


Learn how to get the whole family involved in fun activities at your local YMCA.

Camps Camps

Find a diabetes education camp near you.

Create a personalized eating plan and get advice concerning your eating choices using the interactive tools on this Website.

USDA Team Nutrition USDA Team Nutrition

This interactive site includes games that teach kids ways to eat right and participate in fun physical activities.

National Diabetes Prevention Program National Diabetes Prevention Program

This is a public-private partnership of community organizations, private insurers, health care organizations, employers, and government agencies.

Quiz for Teens with Diabetes Quiz for Teens with Diabetes

This interactive quiz asks teens with diabetes to think about the everyday steps that are vital to managing diabetes and how busy teens can make them part of their daily routine.

National Eye Health Education Program National Eye Health Education Program

NEHEP ensures that vision is a health priority by translating eye and vision research into public and professional education programs. NEHEP supports collaboration among eye health professionals, healthcare providers, patients, and the public.


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