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Road to Health Toolkit Evaluation Guide Now Available

You asked for it, and we delivered! NDEP's Road to Health Evaluation Guide is now available in English and Spanish for people who use the Road to Health Toolkit. The guide includes simple tools to assess the following:

  1. Is the target audience being reached?
  2. What is the quality of the activities?
  3. How do you improve the program's activities?
  4. How do you monitor the participants' behavior changes?

Extra, Extra! New Bonus! Join the NDEP Road to Health Implementers Community! This learning community is for people who use the Road to Health Toolkit as a resource to manage diabetes prevention activities. Find and share lessons learned, tools, and resources to support the implementation of the toolkit.

For more information about the Road to Health Evaluation Guide or to join the Road to Health Implementers community, contact Betsy Rodríguez, CDC/NDEP Deputy Director at

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October Partner Spotlight

National Latina Health Network Logo

National Latina Health Network Uses Web Channels to Promote NDEP’s National Diabetes Month

The National Latina Health Network (NLHN) promoted NDEP’s messages and materials across a variety of web platforms during National Diabetes Month in November 2010.  NLHN worked with popular blogger SoLatina to promote awareness of gestational diabetes (GDM).  Working together, NLHN and SoLatina developed an article entitled New Moms Can Prevent Diabetes by Keeping up Healthy Habits. The article encouraged Latina women with a history of GDM to get screened for diabetes and to reach and maintain a healthy weight by being active and making healthy food choices. SoLatina helped spread the word by posting the article on their Facebook page and engaged followers by encouraging them to post comments on the article and share their own experiences with gestational diabetes.  By partnering with SoLatina, NLHN was able to spread the word about gestational diabetes to more than 33,000 Latina mothers.

Roat to Health Training Video coverNLHN also posted a link to NDEP on their Twitter page and promoted NDEP’s The Road to Health Toolkit Training Video on their YouTube page.

This year, to help partners follow in NLHN’s footsteps and shine a spotlight on diabetes during National Diabetes Month, NDEP has three easy ways for you to get involved:

  1. Link to the NDEP website: Post NDEP web buttons to your organization’s website and encourage your partners to do the same. Just like NLHN, you can help spread NDEP’s messages simply by linking back to the NDEP website!
  1. Share our articles: Post one of NDEP’s many ready-to-use articles on your website or in your organization’s newsletter. Follow NLHN’s example and work with a blogger or local media to reach your target audience.
  1. Engage using social media: Like and comment on Facebook posts, retweet NDEP messages, and share NDEP videos. Engage your social media followers as NLHN and SoLatina did by encouraging them to comment on your National Diabetes Month posts.

For more information about these promotions, contact Marisol Morales at

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El NDEP en la radio en español

En reconocimiento del Día de Alerta de la Diabetes, Saul Malozowski, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A, consejero mayor de Fisiología Endócrina de la División de la Diabetes, Enfermedades Endócrinas y Metabólicas, Instituto Nacional de la Diabetes y las Enfermedades Digestivas y del Riñón en los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud, participó en un segmento de radio. El Día de Alerta de la Diabetes, que se celebra este año el 22 de marzo, es un llamado de un día para informar al público de la seriedad de la diabetes. En el segmento de radio, el Dr. Malozowski subrayó la importancia de saber su riesgo de desarrollar la diabetes y  solicitó al público tomar la Prueba de Riesgo de la Diabetes para aprender más sobre su riesgo. Además, discutió los factores que aumentan la probabilidad de desarrollar diabetes y los pasos que se puede tomar para retrasar o prevenir la enfermedad.

El NDEP ofrece recursos gratis  para ayudar a la gente a aprender sobre su riesgo de padecer la diabetes. Unos ejemplos son:

Game Plan Spanish brochure Mi Plan de Acción para Prevenir la Diabetes Tipo 2Este paquete que contiene tres folletos ayuda a las personas a evaluar su riesgo de desarrollar diabetes. También ofrece información sobre cómo implementar un programa para prevenir o retrasar esta enfermedad. Incluye un folleto sobre la prevención de la diabetes, un registro de actividades y un contador de grasas y calorías (el contador de grasa y calorías está disponible solamente por correo y en inglés).


It's Not Too Late Spanish GDM tip sheet Nunca es muy temprano para prevenir la diabetes. Pequeños pasos de por vida para una familia sana. – Esta hoja de consejos ofrece información para ayudar a las mujeres con un historial de la diabetes gestacional (DMG) prevenir o retardar la diabetes tipo 2, y además ayudar a sus hijos a reducir el riesgo de esta enfermedad.


Ver o descargar más publicaciones de NDEP.  

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New Road to Health Publications Now Available

NDEP's Road to Health series has expanded its offerings with these new materials:

Kit El Camino Hacia la buena saludKit El Camino Hacia la buena salud
Designed for Hispanics/Latinos at risk for type 2 diabetes, this tool kit provides materials to start a community outreach program reinforcing the message that type 2 diabetes can be delayed or prevented. 


Road to Health Training GuideRoad to Health Training Guide
This guide is designed for people who develop or offer train-the-trainer workshops and for community health workers who work with people who are Hispanic/Latino or African American/African Ancestry. Other health care professionals, diabetes educators, health educators, nurses, dietitians, and community educators can also be trained or provide training to others by using the Road to Health Toolkit. Also available in Spanish.

Road to Health Training GuideRoad to Health Training Video
This bilingual instructional video is intended to teach health workers, NDEP partner organizations, and other health professionals how to use the Road to Health Toolkit and Kit El camino hacia la buena salud. This training video is a compilation of some activities to help you visualize and get ideas on how to conduct successful training sessions with the kit. 

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NDEP Radio Media Tour

NDEP spokesperson Dr. Alfonso Vargas participated in Spanish-language radio media tour to discuss managing type 2 diabetes in youth. To listen to an interview, click here

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