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September Partner Spotlight

The Kentucky Diabetes Network, Inc. Uses NDEP Promotional Tools to Create and Implement Outreach Activities on Their Website


The Kentucky Diabetes Network, Inc. in the NDEP Partner Spotlight. Image #1.Formed in 1999 as a non-profit organization, the Kentucky Diabetes Network, Inc. (KDN) is a volunteer network of public and private entities and individuals dedicated to improving the treatment and outcomes of Kentuckians with diabetes, promoting early diagnosis, and ultimately preventing the onset of diabetes among those at risk. KDN advocates for the prevention, care, control, and cure of diabetes; educates both patients and professionals; prevents diabetes at the primary level; and works to increase diabetes awareness to lower diabetes rates and related complications throughout Kentucky.

The Kentucky Diabetes Network, Inc. in the NDEP Partner Spotlight. Image #2. Outreach and Promotions

KDN regularly takes advantage of available NDEP promotional tools and messages to implement outreach activities on the Network’s website throughout the year. For example, in time for the back-to-school season in August, KDN updated its homepage to promote NDEP’s Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed: A Guide for School Personnel (School Guide) resource and NDEP’s new “Diabetes Resources for Schools and Youth” page to encourage a safe learning environment for children and adolescents with diabetes. By using NDEP’s School Guide web button and copy-right free messaging, KDN was able to easily update the website in a timely manner.

The Kentucky Diabetes Network, Inc. in the NDEP Partner Spotlight. Image #3.Additionally, to promote the launch of NDEP’s new Practice Transformation for Physicians and Health Care Teams online tool, KDN added the Practice Transformation web button to its “Resources for Health Care Professionals” landing page. The page features resources than can be used in multiple sectors of the health field including clinical settings, workplaces/businesses, and schools, and includes links to other NDEP offerings The Kentucky Diabetes Network, Inc. in the NDEP Partner Spotlight. Image #4.such as NDEP’s Diabetes At Work and Transitions from Pediatric to Adult Care online resources.

Further, on an ongoing basis, KDN cleverly makes use of NDEP’s various Diabetes HealthSense “Make a plan to live well” images to promote healthy lifestyle tips on their homepage. KDN uses these images as part of an eye-catching rotating box, which provides visitors with easy access to NDEP’s Make a Plan tool and encourages them set goals and make small changes to live healthier lives.

For more information about Kentucky Diabetes Network, Inc., visit or contact Jared Zirkle, Member at Large for the KDN Board of Directors and Chair Person for the KDN Website Committee, at

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