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November Partner Spotlight

The KIPDA Rural Diabetes Coalition Uses NDEP Tools to Support National Diabetes Month and Other Diabetes Outreach Activities

KIPDA Rural Diabetes Coalition Background

The KIPDA Rural Diabetes Coalition (KRDC) is a group working to improve the health of people with type 2 diabetes in Bullitt, Shelby, and Henry Counties in Kentucky. The Coalition includes concerned citizens, health care professionals, organizations, and other community groups who are building a healthier environment for people with diabetes. KRDC’s goal is to improve access to good medical care, affordable healthy foods, and safe exercise opportunities, as well as increasing personal and public awareness about healthy behaviors. KRDC is funded by a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Through this grant and with support from community partners, KRDC has classes, events, and resources to share with local communities.

KIPDA Rural Diabetes CoalitionOutreach and Promotions

KRDC regularly uses tools from the National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP) in a variety of outreach activities reaching people living with type 2 diabetes and their supporters. For example, in observance of National Diabetes Month in November, KRDC is joining NDEP to promote NDEP’s theme, “Diabetes is a Family Affair.” The Coalition is using NDEP’s campaign resources to raise awareness of National Diabetes Month and to host Diabetes Educational Days during November. The Diabetes Educational Days will feature day-long sessions designed for people with diabetes, family members of people with diabetes, business partners, faith leaders, and others. The sessions will cover topics such as “Living with Diabetes,” “Diabetes and Family,” and “Diabetes and the Community.” KRDC is using NDEP’s campaign messages and imagery to promote the sessions through the KRDC website, flyers, newsletters, and Facebook.

KRDC also uses NDEP resources to support key Coalition activities throughout the year. For example, NDEP resources are incorporated into the Coalition’s monthly meetings, which bring partners and community members together to discuss how to improve health in local communities. During each meeting, KRDC distributes and discusses NDEP’s diabetes articles and provides attendees with free diabetes publications from NDEP. Additionally, the Coalition hosts continuing education events for its partners with CMEs provided at no cost. For example, KRDC recently held an event featuring NDEP’s new “Practice Transformation for Physicians and Health Care Teams” resource. KRDC also prepares “diabetes packets” for health care professionals to give their patients with diabetes. The packets include materials such as NDEP’s 4 Steps to Manage Your Diabetes for Life and The Power To Control Diabetes Is in Your Hands booklets, as well as other downloadable resources from NDEP’s website, such as Five Facts about Diabetes, that are cobranded with the KRDC and NDEP logos.

Lessons Learned

By using NDEP’s credible, easy-to-read publications and turn-key promotional resources, KRDC does not have to “recreate the wheel,” allowing them to promote diabetes messages more effectively and reach a larger audience.

For more information about the KRDC’s activities, contact Teresa McGeeney at or visit To learn how you can get involved with NDEP’s National Diabetes Month 2013 campaign, visit

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