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August Partner Spotlight

NDEP Resources Help Dentist Dr. Martin Gillis Urge People to Make the Oral Health-Diabetes Connection

Partner Spotlight: Dr. Kevin Peterson

As a dentist with type 1 diabetes, Dr. Martin Gillis not only brings first-hand experience of the disease to his role as a healthcare provider, he also understands that the best care for people with diabetes should come from a team of healthcare professionals who provide dental, podiatric, optometric and pharmacy (PPOD) services.

The National Diabetes Education Program’s (NDEP) resources have helped Dr. Gillis educate patients with diabetes and their healthcare providers around the world. Specifically, he has incorporated NDEP PPDOD information in his lectures on diabetes and oral health at the International Diabetes Foundation’s World Diabetes Congress and World Dental Federation’s World Dental Congress. Last year, Dr. Gillis received the Sir Alister McIntyre Distinguished Award for Integrative Medicine at the University Diabetes Outreach Program’s International Diabetes Conference in Jamaica, his achievements were profiled in the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Forecast.

Partner Spotlight: Dr. Kevin Peterson“Oral disease needs to be related to the broad NCD (non-communicable disease) agenda by addressing how improvements in oral health will positively affect general well-being for a healthier society,” says Gillis, who serves as the registrar at the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia in Halifax, Nova Scotia. “The connection between diabetes and oral disease does not exclusively reside in the relationship between periodontal disease and glycemic control, but extends to common modifiable risk factors such as poor nutrition, and the need to prevent and control diabetes and oral disease by building positive health behaviours through self-efficacy.”

Dr. Gillis will continue to lend his expertise to NDEP when he presents on team care and oral health and diabetes in the upcoming PPOD webinars, Working Together to Manage Diabetes: Tools and Strategies for Pharmacy, Podiatry, Optometry, and Dentistry. Click here for more information.

“To make positive change, we must foster partnerships among all stakeholders to reduce the social and economic burdens of oral disease and diabetes,” Gillis says. “I’m very thankful to have the opportunity to serve the National Diabetes Education Program in its valuable work to improve the lives of people with diabetes.”

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