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November Partner Spotlight

Mary Ward of the Suwannee County Florida Health Department Promotes NDEP Messages in Libraries & Poultry Processing Facilities

Suwannee County Health Department

During National Diabetes Awareness Month, Ms. Ward partnered with the University of Florida’s Suwannee County Extension Office for “Diabetes Days” events, which took place at the only two libraries in Suwannee County Florida. This county has a large minority population, including African Americans and Hispanics. The event was held three times during the month to reach women with a history of gestational diabetes, teens, and middle-aged adults with NDEP’s messages about preventing and/or managing diabetes. Ms. Ward also provided diabetes information during the Extension’s diabetes classes. “[The partnership] was very easy because they were open to partnering with [my organization]. Also, many people [in the county] do not have Internet access in their homes, so they go to the library every day,” said Ms. Ward. To evaluate this activity, a short written survey will be administered to participants.

In addition to outreach to libraries, Ms. Ward also partnered with the Pilgrim’s Pride Poultry Processing Facility to offer diabetes information to employees at the worksite. Pilgrim’s Pride, one of the largest employers in Suwannee county, primarily employs minority staff members who have little formal education and limited access to health resources. During the first and second work day shifts, Ms. Ward reached employees in the break room with NDEP materials, as well as blood pressure, weight, and body mass index screenings. “For the worksites, we did other outreach such as meetings and H1N1 outreach, which opened the door [for this opportunity],” said Ms. Ward. To evaluate this activity, Ms. Ward plans to follow up with participants at future Pilgrim’s Pride events.

For more information about these activities, contact Ms. Ward at

Grant Sunada, M.P.H. of the Utah DPCP Expands Social Support Network for People with Diabetes and Their Families Using NDEP Materials

Utah Department of Health logo

In preparation for National Diabetes Awareness Month, Grant Sunada connected and expanded the diabetes family and social support network in Utah, both online and in person, using NDEP’s campaigns, messages, and materials. For this activity, Mr. Sunada targeted people with diabetes and their families in two local health districts, Hispanics/Latinos and Pacific Islanders in Northern Utah, and members. Mr. Sunada also posted updates about the activity to the Utah DPCP Twitter page. The goal was to develop a trainer/facilitator program to begin in early 2011 to help people with diabetes and their families find ways to manage diabetes and prevent the disease in future generations. To learn more about the current activities of support groups in Utah, Mr. Sunada networked with attendees of the Association of Diabetes Educators of Utah annual conference.

To date, several facilitator applications have been received, and a number of people with diabetes are connected and interacting online. To evaluate these efforts and to assess self-efficacy, an online pre and post survey will be administered to participants.

For more information about this activity, contact Mr. Sunada at

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