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Diabetes HealthSense

Diabetes HealthSense Partner Web Banner Living with diabetes or the risk of diabetes is not easy. It’s common to feel overwhelmed, sad, or angry. Many people may know what to do to improve their health; it’s figuring out how to do it that’s challenging. For example, people know that being physically active can help them lose weight. But they may not know how to take the necessary steps to become more physically active and keep it up over time. NDEP’s redesigned Diabetes HealthSense (formerly known as the Support for Behavior Change Resource) is an online library of resources compiled by NDEP to help people figure out how to make lifestyle changes and cope with the demands of diabetes. Resources in Diabetes HealthSense have been reviewed by independent experts on psychosocial issues and the behavior change process.

Also included in Diabetes HealthSense is the first in a series of three- to five-minute videos focused on helping people make lifestyle changes and cope with the demands of diabetes. The initial rollout of the video series will address the following topics:

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