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Heading Back to School with Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in children. For students with diabetes and their parents, getting ready for a new school year includes a lot more than buying new clothes, backpacks, notebooks, and pens. It means buying a whole list of diabetes supplies to keep at school—but also preparing school staff to help keep their children safe at school and at school-sponsored activities.

As the school year begins, parents of youth with diabetes are encouraged to follow these tips from the NDEP’s Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed: A Guide for School Personnel to help ensure their children’s safety and well-being.School Guide Web button

  • Take action. Notify the school right away that your child has diabetes.
  • Work with your child’s health care team to develop a “Diabetes Medical Management Plan.”
  • Meet with the school nurse to go over your child’s school health care plans. 
  • Provide the school with all supplies, medicines, and items needed to carry out your child’s health care and emergency plans.
  • Be an active member of the school health team.

For more tips to help students with diabetes prepare for a new school year, check out NDEP’s new feature article “Heading Back to School with Diabetes.” To order a free copy of NDEP’s Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed: A Guide for School Personnel, call 1-888-693-NDEP (1-888-693-6337), TTY: 1-866-569-1162, or visit to download a copy of the guide. You also can check out NDEP’s additional resources for youth and families, such as NDEP’s online Transitions from Pediatric to Adult Care tool, the Tips for Teens tip sheet series, and When Your Child is Diagnosed with Diabetes: Parents’ Questions for the Health Care Team.

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