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September Partner Spotlight

The National Association of School Nurses Promotes NDEP’s School Guide and Other Resources via Workshops and Online Outreach


The mission of the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) is to advance the specialty practice of school nursing to improve the health and academic success of all students. As a program partner, NASN regularly promotes NDEP offerings to its network of more than 15,000 members, reaching school nurses, parents, and members of the school community across the country with important diabetes information. This year, NASN continued to support NDEP by highlighting program offerings through a variety of communication channels, including conferences and workshops, the NASN website, and the NASN Weekly Digest.

Outreach and Promotions

September Partner Spotlight Image #1: National Association of School Nurses NASN was a critical partner in helping NDEP update and revise the Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed: A Guide for School Personnel (School Guide) released in 2010 and has found multiple ways to promote this resource to school health professionals year round. Recently, NASN invited Joanne Gallivan, NDEP Director, and Martha Funnell, Former NDEP Chair, to present at the NASN 44th Annual Conference on “Self-Directed Behavior Change: Resources to Improve Diabetes Outcomes at School” to help students who have or are at risk for diabetes make changes in behavior. NASN also distributed more than 50 School Guide binders to nurses at a pre-conference program.

Additionally, NASN distributed 108 copies of NDEP’s School Guide and Teen Tip Sheets at two “Helping Administer to the Needs of the Student with Diabetes in School” (H.A.N.D.S.℠) workshops, a continuing education program developed by the association to educate school nurses about effective diabetes management for students. NASN also highlights the School Guide as a resource on the website using the promotional web button.

September Partner Spotlight Image #2: National Association of School Nurses In addition to promoting the School Guide, NASN frequently includes information about NDEP’s resources in their e-newsletter, the NASN Weekly Digest, which reaches more than 30,000 readers. Using content from NDEP’s News & Notes e-newsletter, NASN is able to quickly adapt relevant NDEP messages to share with readers. For example, NASN highlighted NDEP’s behavior change resources, such as the New Year’s Resolution Maker, Make a Plan, Just One Step, and Diabetes HealthSense resources for teachers and school health professionals.

For more information about these activities, contact Sarah Butler at, or click here to learn how you can promote NDEP’s School Guide and other resources to engage youth to prevent and manage their diabetes.

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